Lavender Hydrosol

Lavender Hydrosol

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Enjoy the many benefits of artisan distilled lavender hydrosol.

Hydrosol is the floral water that results from the lavender oil distillation process. It is a refreshing and relaxing multi-purpose spray that brings with it the wonderful aroma of lavender and carries all the beneficial aspects of the lavender plant and lavender essential oil. It is known by many names and labeled differently depending on where you shop. It can be lavender linen water, floral water, lavender mist, lavender spray, body spray, facial toner and more. Our Hyrdosol is a 50/50 combination of Grosso and Gros Bleu.

Earth-friendly label - no plastics or laminates

8 oz glass recyclable/reusable glass bottle, 16 oz PET #1 bottle, 64 oz PET #1 bottle

Shipping to USA addresses only. All pacakages sent USPS ground, arriving in 2 to 5 business days.

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