Lavender Tea Blends
Lavender Tea Blends
Lavender Tea Blends
Lavender Tea Blends

Lavender Tea Blends

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Immerse yourself in the delights of a lavender tea blend. 

We have collaborated on three unique loose leaf blends with Oregon Tea Traders.

Herbal "Crater Lake Blue" with added Oregon Lavender Buds (net wt 1.5 oz)

A mixture of Oregon grown herbs with butterfly pea flowers which illuminates the tea a bright blue color.  Add just a few drops of lemon juice and watch it change to periwinkle purple.   Herbal, bright, and fresh, making it perfect to drink while visualizing the majestic Crater Lake.

Ingredients:  Oregon Grown Lemon Balm, Rosemary, Hyssop, Butterfly Pea Flower (from Thailand), Sage, Oregon Grown Lavender Buds

Herbal "Oregon Rain" 100% Oregon Grown (net wt 1.75 oz)

Cool and refreshing lemon balm with a bright and unique blend of herbs.  Perfect for sipping while watching the rain fall.

Ingredients:  Oregon grown lemon balm, lavender, rosemary, spearmint

"White Lavender Jasmine" (net wt 1.0 oz)

Delicate white tea scented with whole jasmine flowers and colorful lavender florets.  This floral and fragrant tea is a perfect cup to relax and dream with.

Ingredients:  Organically grown white tea, jasmine flowers, organically grown lavender flowers

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